In early January of this year I went to a K&W cafeteria with an e-reward gift card to purchase a meal at dinner time.  It was very cold that evening, and I was lnooking forward to a home cooked meal without the trouble of washing dishes and food preparation.  When i got to the cashier to pay for the meal, I was informed that the e-reward ($25.00) was declined!  This made no sense because I had verified the reward by telephone.  The cashier tried the reward redemption number twice and received the same results-declined.  A middle aged couple behind me in the line approached the cashier and offered to pay my ticket.  The lady responsible for the payment informed me that she had recently been given good news regarding a diagnosis of cancer and she felt a need to do something nice for someone.  It was very touching for me--I will never forget how a stranger was there in my time of need.

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