I went to the grocery store late last evening after checking with my bank to ensure I would not receive any NSF fees.  The cashier totaled my items and an insufficient fund message appeared.  Embarassed, I said start taking items off but he was not sure how to do that.  The manager cam over to walk him through the process, but to no avail.  The line was getting longer and I was becoming more and more embarassed by the minute.  I finally said cancel the entire order and that I would return the next day.  Then the manager said "No, no... you've spent so much time shopping, just wait a minute.  She then reached into a drawer, pulled out a pad, swiped it, gave me my groceries and a receipt and said, "Happy Thanksgiving".  I checked this mornign and there were no charges to my account from that store.  I am very thankful!

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