I have always been a believer of the saying "What goes around comes around"...whether it's something positive or negative.  I've seen it happen many times (especially with the latter).  I was sitting at a Village Inn having coffee and pie with a friend.  When we asked for the check, the waitress said that a gentleman who had been seated nearby had paid for meals for some of the folks in the restaurant (including ours).  I was thrilled beyond belief, my heart felt so good, and I was gushing, and glowing.  

I don't know if I was more amazed that I had received a random act of kindness or that "What goes around comes around" since I paid for someone's breakfast at a McDonald's drive through in a Colorado mountain town just two weeks prior.  At that time I wondered if and when it would happen to me or an acquaintance.  

Such a neat idea and kudos to generous folks who try to make the world a better place.  I made it a point to do a Random Act of Kindness weekly because it makes me feel good...and I also know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of it!  

I love to do this I get store coupons like Goodys etc and I go to the store if I can't use the 40 percent off on shoes I go to the shoe department and if someone is trying shoes on I say do you have a store coupon if they say no I tell them I have one that I am not going to use would they like to have it I hand it to them and then turn to leave many wonderful comments and hugs from strangers - it helps them and makes me feel good especially when it helps a young family : )
I was walking to the bus stop and the traffic light turned red. By the time the light turned green. Since I was not at the bus stop, the bus passed me by. A passer by had seen me running and stopped and asked me did Ii need a ride. She drove me to a stop so I could get on the bus. because of that act of kindness I was not late for work.
My mother lives in an apartment in Lewiston. I went to take her to a doctor appointment last week. When we got home we where talking about the buietiful flowers her and her best friend accrose the hall take care of. Mom said that someone stoked the 30 foot water hose that her friend Mary had laying outside the building. I walked mom in and gave her a hug and told her good night. I immediately went down to the hardware store downtown bought a 50 foot hose and went back to the apartment. Knocked on Mary's door and said an angel told me about her water hose. I handed the one I bought to her. Got the biggest hug and tears rolled down both our eyes. I do a few random acts but this one made me feel real good again. Blessings.
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