I live in a small bungalow built in 1924.  I have had an on-going problem with my long, narrow driveway.  I recently learned that the tile under my drive that is to carry water away from a catch basin is crushed and does not allow water to drain away. 

Because water built up under it and froze during last year's very bad winter, the driveway buckled up about three inches. 

I have been in contact with numerous contractors regarding the problem, and finally decided to actually "eye ball" a previously completed repair before committing to a particular company.  The contractor agreed.  Unfortunately, the location is not close by.  I obtained directions from the owner of the property, and his permission to see the work.  He gave me specific directions.  I  started out, and followed them, but became completely lost. 

I stopped at a gas station for assistance, and was given further instructions.  I followed them carefully, but became even more confused and frustrated. 

I finally stopped at a small bank in a shopping area, which fortunately had only one customer.  One of the tellers tried to clarify my directions, but she was confusing me even more, when the customer started trying to describe where my error was.  I had written all the directions down carefully, but they still didn't make sense. 

The customer could see my frustration increasing, and knew I was ready to just go back home, when he said, "I know that area!  I know exactly where it is because I play golf near there!  I will take you there!!  Just follow me!" 

I was so amazed, and tried to tell him that he didn't have to do that, but he insisted!  I was very embarrassed, but the three women tellers assured me that he was one of their "regulars", and vouched for him!   I thanked them for all their support and compasion, then thanked him profusely, got in my car, and followed him very closely.  We were actually not that far away from my destination. --

HOWEVER, I had been given instructions to go to route 82, but it was actually 42 that I should have been looking for!  ALSO, when we came close to the area, it turns out that the North bound road I was supposed to use had been closed!  I never would have found it on my own!!   He stopped at the road I was looking for, smiled, and pointed the way.  I pulled up to his car, and told him he was "MY ANGEL" for the day!, thanked him profusely, and gave him a big hug!  My "short journey" ended up taking almost all day!  What a sweetheart, and I never found out his name! 

I turned 50 years old in August 2015. You would think that I would be celebrating, which I did, but that was the last bit of happiness I experienced. One month later, I was evicted from my home. It probably wouldn't have bothered me, if I wasn't paralyzed, recovering from radiation therapy for prostate cancer and had my girlfriend's daughter living with me. I live in an SRO (single room occupancy). I was just able to start physical therapy to begin the long road of learning how to walk again, but I lost a lot in the eviction. Two ladies, Katie Grimm and her sister Mary Grimm-Flanagan, recently contacted me. They told me bluntly to let them know what I need. No matter what it is. Food, clothes, toiletries, personal hygiene, no matter what. I got a message today from Mary, telling me that a package was on its way to me with clothes, a new coat, personal items, hygiene products, food and snacks. Before that my brother's girlfriend, Bonnie Godfrey, stayed a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to help me with finding a new place, not to mention to assist with costs to eat because I cannot cook in my place. This is my first time experiencing anyone reaching out to help me from their hearts. I thank God for these ladies.
Random Acts Of Kindness~ Our neighbor who is a farmer needed help with dehorning some of his cattle. My husband who always would go help without ever being asked. Well this certain day where our neighbor needed help dehorning the cattle, my husband wasn't feeling well. Even though he wasn't up to doing anything other than getting rest, he knew that the neighbor was an older man and had no one else to he'll him, My husband got up and got dressed and went over and helped our neighbor for almost ten hours. When he got home he crawled into bed, and not more than 15 minutes later our neighbor knocked at the door and wanted to pay my husband. Of course my husband had told him that he wouldn't take it. He had told our neighbor that we might need help someday, and that's what neighbors and friends are for. My husband is one of a kind. If someone just mentions that they need to do something, or have to get something done,he will be the first to volunteer himself to help anyone out. He will just show up like he did our neighbors. He never asks anyone for help when he needs it tho. I wish there were more people in the world like him, now a days it seems nobody wants to do much for other people unless it benefits them in some way!
When my husband and I moved back to Louisiana from living in Memphis, I was without a job and my husband had just filed for a disability claim. We were on several medications with no insurance. After calling several pharmacies in the area, Sam's had the least expensive cost for what we needed. The total was $97 and we didn't have it all, we would only be able to pay for a couple of them. The pharmacist on duty, an angel who is still there, came around the counter with her own credit card and paid the entire $97, telling us to just pay it forward. She wanted to be sure We had ALL of our meds. We protested her using her money for this, and her smile and grace made us feel hopeful and humbled. We still go there and we are forever grateful for what she did for us. We make sure to pay it forward when we can, but every day all it takes sometimes us just to be friendly and open to the many times each day you have to smile, give a cheerful "hi!" to those you pass, and to be kind, to each other and ourselves.
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