I was at Winn-Dixie and a lady offered to put my groceries on the turnstyle.  She put all of them from my cart and when the cashier finished I had out my credit card to pay for them.  The lady, who happened to be an attorney, took out cash and paid for my groceries which came to just over $100.00.  I asked for a business card so I could thank her again, but she said she didn't have one with her.  My husband, Tom, came to pick me up as I get around in an electric wheelchair and the attorney came out and I introduced him to her.  He, too, thanked her for her kindness.  I asked God to bless her for all that she did. When I ask for help in the store, people never refuse me.  Most items I seem to buy are on the very top shelves.  I think one of the reasons I get help is that they see that I love all people and it shows.  I always have a smile and talk to everyone.  No one is ever a stranger to me.

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