I had a friend who knew I alwys wanted to go to college. My parents felt I was not able to success in college, or could afford the cost. A teacher for our local school district, Fern Mann encouraged me to take a single class @ the local community college. She even paid for the class. I enrolled @ LCCC. As I enrolled & actually enjoyed having began tom cntinue my education, Fern continued to encourage me. She guided me to get scholarships, helped to pay for future credits, books, etc. as I became a part-time student to tht of a full time student. Once receiving my AA inLiberal Arts, she continued to encourage me to go after a BA. Searching around (I had great difficulty in algebra & needed to find a 4 year college that would be willing to accept the math credits I had as enough for graduation. I chose to enter DeSales Univeristy (at the time was known as St. Frances DeSales College). Again Fern Mann continued to encourage me & help me financally to allow me to continue through DeSales & their ACCESS program. I'm proud to say in 1990 with Fern's financal support, guidance, and encouragement I earned a BA in Psychology from DeSales. She was as proud as myself & attended my graduation day.

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