My wife developed recuurent cancer of the breast for the tird time diagnosed in August 2014 forcing us to cancel our much anticipated trip to Thailand and Cambodia. She underwent intense chemo and radiation therapy folowed by multiple surgeries. She was feeling really down and extremely weak and tired. I took her out for a ride around December. 

She felt hingry ahnce we stopped at a local pizza place and ordered a pizza. Very close to our table was a young couple with two small children. They were contemplating ordering a medium sized or a large pizza with just few toppings as they seem to be econmizing to feed the children. We overheard the ongoing conversation with the waitress and the couple. Once I realized this, I got up and went to the cash register and asked the waitress to make a large pizza with all the toppings that they were asking for. We finished our meal soon after. When their pizza arrived, the couple said she did not order all the toppings. The waitress was instrcuted not to say anything. We left after paying ours and their bill along with a note expalining that my wife has cancer and we would appreciate if they said a prayer for her wellbeing. I am sure to this day, that couple would be wondering who we were and why we paid for their food. 

My wife did well after all the treatments were completed and thank those who prayed for her recovery..

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