I am a veteran and have had some health issues related to a hereditary condition. Anyway, I made a plea for help and a classmate, whom I hadn't spoken to since high school, and didn't know very well in high school (I graduated 36 years ago) gave me a donation of $1200. The exact amount I needed to avoid eviction. She told me I didn't need to pay her back, as I offered once my SSI came in. She simple told me to Pay It Forward. What a blessing and lifesaver she was. I am still overwhelmed by this random act of kindness. 


That is marvelous! That's a wonderful story. To me, that's the essence of 'The Golden Rule.'

One day we were driving home from the store when we pass this skinny, long haired elderly homeless man, and we passed him up and we went around the block and I noticed we were coming back when my husband handed me a ten dollar bill, and said give it to the the gentleman.  I was so impressed I started to get very teary eyed & when i gave it to the old gentleman his eyes got so big and thanked us over & over & asked God to bless us.  It was hot out so I gave him my bottle of water too & hubby drove off.  I'm so proud of my husband that I made his favorite meal that night.

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