November 16 dedicated to Random Acts of Kindness


I am writing this on November 17th.  If you're following the weather you know there is a massive weather front sweeping the nation right now, with high velocity wind gusts.  It hit my hometown, Las Cruces, New Mexico, yesterday.  Hurrying on my way to classes, while exiting my apartment complex, I noticed the lid to my neighbors little black grill. The wind had blown it directly in the path of oncoming traffic, specifically the trash truck which was due to arrive.   So I stopped, retrieved it and quietly returned it.  Further down the lane I saw several bags of trash blown by the wind, so I stopped once again to retrieve them. ( I deplore litter).  On my way into several class buildings I chased down several blowing pieces of debris and carried them inside to depose of them. While in the painting lab I discovered a new, almost full tube of oil paint (these aren't cheap). I made an announcement to see if it belonged to anyone there.  When the answers came back NO, a few of us deduced it belonged to a certain girl. I could have left it to be taken by anyone, but instead chose to track down one of her classmates and asked her to give it to her at the next class.  I would want someone to do that for me.   And lastly, I gave my number to another student, who said she didn't bring a winter jacket or clothes because she didn't know it would get this cold this soon. I told her to call me so I could arrange for her to use some of mine until the semester ends. 


Debbie McCurdy

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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