Many years ago I was driving on Highway 5 coming back from taking a friend up to the San Francisco Bay Area, back to Bakersfield, California.  I was driving an MG Midget that had 'issues'.  I noticed as I drove that sparks seemed to be flying out from under the hood of the car, but about halfway home, my engine burst into flames.  There was no one on the road, but amazingly there was an offramp just ahead and I was able to coast up the ramp and stop the car safely although the engine was still in flames.  There was a diner right there and even though I'd seen no one for quite some time, there was a volkswagen bus parked there.  As I got out of my car wondering what I could possibly do (cell phones didn't exist back then and I was abysimally poor), a man jumped out of the volkswagen bus, fire extinguisher in hand and came running over to put out the flames.  His wife followed close by and they took me into the diner and bought me a cup of hot chocolate while the people in the diner let me use a phone to call a friend about two hours away in Bakersfield.  I was too shaken at the time to get this wonderful couple's names, but I'll always remember them and always be grateful for the kindness that they showed me.  They even waited until my friend arrived from Bakersfield to make certain that I'd be taken care of.  My friend raced up the freeway from Bakersfield to take me back home, arranging for my car to be taken back.  I was truly blessed that night.

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