My friends Mother Beverly has been a big fan of the soap Young & the Restless for many many years.

You can't call her during the time it's on and she doesn't book appointments when it's on.

Last year Sean Carrigan who plays Stitch on Y&R called her for her birthday and it made her year.

I know Sean from his mother whom I worked with for several years.

This year we went over to Cape Coral to celebrate Beverly's birthday. Bringing cake and lobster. But her daughter & I noticed she had no appetite or energy and very tough for her to get around. For goodness sake she's 93 and her mind is as sharp as a tack.

Well we went back to Miami and the next day she had fallen. My friend drove back the very next morning and was with her Mom in the hospital for a week. I called and was on speaker phone with Beverly. She sounded like she was throwing in the towel. Her heart is in bad shape. And said you girls might have to go on without me. I was trying not to get upset so I teased her about any cute doctors coming to visit her and her daughter piped in If "Stich" was here she would get better.

that gave me the idea to text Sean. I asked him if he could send a cute text it might boost her spirits.

Well he called instead. My heroe. He spoke to Beverly and raised her spirits immensley. She couldn't wait to tell her church group she told him. He made a sick lady very happy.they said he was wonderful to take the time out of his busy schedule to call.

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