I am a former social worker.  After a long day in court several social workers went to lunch at a popular restaurant.  We socialize and discussed what a difficult day it had been.  I noticed close by one of the lawyers sitting at another table with other lawyers that were in court.  I have to admit we did not say anthing nice about them at our table.  But we justified it by venting out our frustrations of the outcome of court that day.  When we went to pay for our lunches one of the lawyers' came up and grabbed each of our tickets.  "I got this."  He said smiling.  We all giggled and was amazed that he had a giving heart.  Needless to say, our talks back to the office were about the acts of random kindness from someone unexpectantly.  We told others about our experience and from that day forward I viewed him as someone I really did not know and he was not such a bad guy after all.  he was just doing his job something I can say he is very good at. Woman Very Happy

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