Many years ago when my now-adult daughter was a toddler and soon to be adopted by me, she and I were flying across country to introduce her to my family. She was excited as we waited for an evening flight out of a relatively small airport in our rural state. As she danced in an aisle of our gate, I started to feel the uneasiness all parents feel about how other passengers might be dreading having a rambunctious 22-month old on their flight. I had a bag of toys to amuse her and a lightweight Pochahontas sleeping bag and pillow with the hopes off keeping her quiet followed by her falling asleep before we loaded on the plane and staying asleep through most of our flight. That was not to be. Instead, she danced, played, jumped, laughed, flirted with everyone who caught her eye the entire time we were at the gate, and jabbered, wiggled and flirted the entire flight. After we landed at a large airport for a plane change, the airline announced our flight wouldn't be taking off at the scheduled time due to a mechanical problem and a rescheduled departure time wasn't known because another plane had to be flown in from another airport to take over from the disabled plane. It was about this time that my daughter fell into a long-awaited deep sleep. After we waited for what seemed like an eternity, I realized I needed to notify my family of our delay before it was time for them to leave for the drive to their airport to pick us up. With my dead-weight daughter in my arms, I walked to a nearby bank of pay telephones only to find that holding her limp body took both of my arms and hands and holding and dialing a phone was impossible. Within seconds, a couple who had been on our flight and who looked like the loving and cool grandparents of our favorite 50s TV show came to my rescue. They offered to hold my sleeping daughter while I made my call and made a quick stop in the restroom.After another seeming-eternity of waiting, the couple offered to get me something to eat from a nearby cafe and, again, held my daughter while I ate. This couple's simple acts of care and concern touched my heart and eased my stress. I feel their love still.    

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