I was driving home from work around 9 pm on a back road in upstate NY on a cold winter night.  My car suddenly quit running and I couldn't get it started again.  I tried reaching my husband on my cell phone but it went right to voice mail. I could see house lights in the distance but wasn't sure I could make it on the snow covered road.  After spending several minutes trying to decide what to do and my panic level rising rapidly, a car suddenly pulled up beside me.  The woman driver rolled down her window and asked if I was all right.  I explained my situation and she offered to drive me home - 15 miles away.  Clearly it was out of her way, but she insisted on taking me.  When we arrived, I was so relieved and thanked her but didn't think to get her name so I could thank her properly.  So to repay her random act of kindness, I have tried to pay it forward whenever the opportunity arises.

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