In 2013 on a cruise port stop in Nha Trang, Vietnam, I was on a tour to a large outdoor market.  I began experiencing terrible pain in my upper leg from Spinal Stenosis.  I sat down on chair at this woman's booth and I began rubbing my leg and was crying.  First she looked at me in disgust for taking up a chair and not buying anything, but then she pulled up a chair next to me and began massaging my leg without saying a word.  She must have massaged for five minutes with me crying.  She then directed me in Vietnamese to stand up and had me do various motions with my leg.  I thanked her and hugged her.  Smiling, she then offered cans of soda to me and my husband.  I gave her all the American money I had.  I will NEVER forget that woman and kindness she bestowed upon me.  I don't know her name as she did not speak English and I did not speak Vietnamese.  I think her name was "Beautiful Kindness".


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