I  am a retired senior on a very lmited Social Security income. I was in the grcery store one day and decided to treat myself to a Banquet  TV dinner, since it was on sale (for less tha $1), and since I just coud not face another day of cooking for myself. I was in line  to pay for my purchase,  when the checker  informed me met that it was "no charge". I did not know how to respond to this statement. I was flabberghasted and said, "What do you mean?" I was informed that that the person in line behind me had indicated that she meant to pay for my purchase. The checker informed me that that was a commor occurance. Grays Harbor, WA, is a wonderful place to live!! That anonymous preson was a God-send at that point in my life and  made what was just  "another day:" into what was somethig to remeber for a lifetime.!

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