Many many years ago the home we were living in and the business my husband worked for (both owned by the same person) were confiscated because the owner owed back taxes.  We literally lost our home and job in one day and had three small children at the time.  The agent who came to my home to tell me knew that I was devastated and was kind but there was nothing she could do.  We moved in May and went on with our lives.  In December, several months later, a van pulled up in front of my house and the IRS agent came to the door.  We had spoken a few times with me contacting her for information about the process, etc. so she had the new address.  She said that she and a few of her coworkers had a "few things" for the children if I was ok with it.  I cried and shook my head.  My husband was working a temp job picking up trash for $3.50/hr.  They brought in a crate and left it.  Inside were clothes for the children, toys, food give certificates, and our utilities had all been paid! 


Since then things are better and my children and I pick someone every year and do something for them at the holiday in an effort to pay it forward.  Usually we are anonymous and that makes it even better! 

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