New Years 2015 accidentally dropped $600 in one hundred dollar bills in the Marquette, Michigan Walmart parking lot.

Not realizing the cash was laying in the snowy parking lot, I bought lots of groceries.

Checkout embarrassment ended when entire staff helped me search the store for an hour - but to no avail. I live about 15 miles from the stroe.

The money was from my final paycheck after downsizing. I had many bills and needed food - so it was a huge big deal.

Arrived home and an honest person had called several times and wanted to return the money.

Wow! The woman's honesty restored my faith in humanity.

She found my phone number because my driver's license was still in the bank envelope the cash was in - but it wasn't thaty simple. She first called my Aunt's house (my mailing address on DL). My Aunt gave her my unlisted number.
I apparently had it on my lap and it dropped out onto the cold snowpacked parking lot.

Told local Walmart manager's office how hard their employees had worked - plus the Good Samartin. They did not seem to care. Odd as I think she should have been given an award.


As it turns out, this Good Samaritin lives in same city I do, and like us are low income.

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