About three weeks ago I was in front of dollar tree store in Des Moines IA.I work just a couple of doors up from there.Next to to it there's a foot doctor, dentist office,and where I work.( Vintage love,Rentals& Annessi.Just about everyday I go buy something at dollar tree.Well one day I was waiting in front of store when I looked over in parking lot. When I seen a older lady was getting out of her car trying to get out of her car into her wheelchair when she fell over.I quickly ran over and put her back in her chair and wheeled her in to the dentist office. And the people in side dentist was just staring not even offering to help in any way what so ever.


                    From that day I felt wonderful for doing the right thing


                        And the lady was very very gratefully happy with me that I even took time to help her.


                                       Terry Franklin Walker



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