I have decide to give homeless vets care packets on the Saturday after Thanksiving.  The vets living on the strees have become a gret concern for me. So this is going to become a mission of mines to help them anyway possible. 


This is something that I have been discussing with other people, and the time is know to do it. I have even started voulteering at the HVAF house in Indy, so I can learn how I can better serve them.


My desire is that no VET will fill alone.


God Bless You for your kindness. I am a Veteran and am moving away from TX after 31 years. I'm driving to NC and when I get there I plan on helping fellow Veterans to never give up. Is a tragedy to see so many on the streets while the "rich" sit around, get fat and could care less about those who served them!!


Keep up the faith and again, God Bless you!


my name is evelyn smith,


i was at the dmv three days ago, and there was a man getting his sticker


but he did not have enough money to cover what he had, so i gave him 


the money he needed, he was very grateful, and it made me feel thankful


i was able to help someone.

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