One afternoon on a tusday while riding my Touring Yamaha cycle, my rear tire went flat. To fix it I had to remove the wheel from the drive shaft (Yamaha 750 2D) & bike. While looking at the situation, a member of a Harley MC gang in full leathers, WWII German style helmet, boots & pony tail on a chopper stopped next to my bike. Here I am , a Homer Simson type, on touring bike & Mr Hell's Angel looking at my flat. He helped me remove the rear wheel. Than he drove me holding the wheel, on the back of the chopper to a garage about a mile away. Waited while they fix the tire, than took me back to my bike & helped me put it on. Staying making certain that I was able to ride. He would not take any money etc. All he said  was "Remember to pass it on." Off he went. I've tried to do just that. That showed me that 1. Don't judge from sterotypes. 2. Have faith in your fellow man.

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