When I arrived at work one morning I discovered that I didn't have my wallet.  I called home and learned that it wasn't there and then checked my car....still no wallet.  I'd attended a concert the evening before in a theater and called to see if anyone had turned it in.  No luck. A couple of days later, I got a call from my church's secretary who told me to call a local food distributor. When I asked why, she said 'they've got your wallet'.  I called and learned that one of their employees had found the wallet and brought it to the office.  I enlisted the help of a coworker who drove me to the distributor's office and I retrieved my wallet.  When I looked inside, I found that all of my credit cards, ID, and the $100 that I kept 'stashed' were all still there.  It was obvious to me that the contents of the wallet had been gone through because the business card with my church's name and phone number were in the front, not where I usually kept it.  The person who had found my wallet in the theater seat (where it landed after falling from my pocket the night before) declined the reward that I offered and would only accept a hug in thanks.

She made my day!


I'm overwhelmed with happiness as I thought the good Samaritan was a relic 9f the past... Happy happy to hear this.
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