Years ago, I was a stay at home mom and my husband was unemployed.  When we were told our car needed repairs we didn't know what to do as we had no money.  Our church Sunday school class "borrowed" our car and fixed it for us and brought us groceries too.  I will never forget their kindness.

i had been at my new job only about 6 months after having been without a job extended period it was thanksgiving time and since i still had not caught up on previous bills i had very little money for food i was wondering how i would purchase a turkey when my boss saw me and said i was here yestersay and shopped but today bought enough to get a free turkey i already have mine would you like my free one from today? i nearly cried she just had no idea! God surely blessed me
Can you please help me? I can't figure out how to post a random act story. Can you please tell me how to do it?
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