Upon returning from a trip to visit a friend, I pulled into a gas station to fill up the rental before turning it in.  As is habit, I put the keys on the center console got out of the car and proceeded to fill up.


Once done I realized ALL the doors were locked and there inside laid the keys!  Not only that, there was my wallet, which had in it my AAA card and my cell phone.


At this point sheer panic is on my face; i walk over to the 'payment' window and ask to use the phone only to be told customers aren't allowed inside to use the phone....when I explained the situation he agreed but I had no phone number to call and he was of no further assistance.  At this point I am about to throw my hands in the air when another gas station customer saw me and my look of panic!  

She asked if she could help...I explained my dilemna and she immediately pulled out her emergency road service card and called!  What a dream she was!   

A complete stranger to the rescue!


Twenty minutes later my car door was unlocked and I was able to be on my way...thanks to this lovely stranger who saw I was in dire need!  


I exchanged emails with her and promised her act of kindness would be 'paid forward'.  While I haven't helped another stranded motorist, I try to remember to be kind to someone every day as I now know the lovely feeling of being on both ends of such a situation.  

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