For five years I have been a Foster Grandparent Volunteer for 2 Kindergarten classes in a small school. The reward that comes from Volunteering cannot be put on paper or in a Emmy Award.

I work 3 days for 7 hours a day. I have two wonderful teachers that work so hard constantly never stopping teaching kids. The area the school is in is low income. Those teachers works to see that every child receive the kind of education that is needed to comply with the requirements of the school so they can enter the next grade with proper knowledge and skills to take them on. The Kindergartners will learn lessons and find tools to carry with them until they live to be the age they are when they pass away. They try very hard to get those children reading some and writing before they leave Kindergarten. It is a very difficult job today to teach Kindergartners since most of the children come from home's with no family values taught. THe Foster Grandparents are very valuable to the teacher's in trying to help fill in where the teacher's cannot do one on one with more then 5 to 7 children at once. I cannot say how hard these teachers work and how much they help me to be a better servant to these children. I love my work with the staff and children in Willow Brook School, in Oklahoma City School System.


Hello Foster GrandParent

Such a blessing! I would like to get in this Program in my Community.. I live in Los Angeles, California area.


If you have any information please advise.

thank you

Ms Linda

Every child needs love.GLOBE.gif

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