We are a small fire department and late one winter night, we were called to  large fire in the science building of our High School. We placed all of our apparatus and personnel in service to battle the fire which was fully involved in the science building and was threatening to spread to the main building of the high school. It was very cold, the water was icing up on the pumpers, we were soaked and cold but continued to do what we needed to suppress the fire and keep it from spreading. We ended up battling this stubborn fire for 42 hours without a break, on the first morning we were greeted by one of our police officers who had a load of breakfeast sandwiches, pastries and urns of coffee donated to the firefighters from the local McDonalds, the same held true for the following morning while were were doing our final mop-up of the fire and recovery.  I'll never forget how this commercial enterprise came through for us when we needed it most, We were cold, tired, and all of the firefighters had given 200% to insure we saved the rest of the high school campus.  Best coffee and breakfast I ever had!! 
Thank you McDonald's for coming through for us.

Yeah! Good to hear such a positive story of people working together. Made my morning.
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