In 1980, I was a single Mom and struggling.  In November just before Thanksgiving, I ended up in the hospital and thought I would only be there for one or two days, then back on my feet.  I had two children under the age of twelve and no insurance.  I ended up being transfered to another hospital after 7 days and spent another 9 days in the hospital.  When I got out I worried about all the bills and knew I was going to be out of work for another 6 to 10 weeks.  I was so suprised when the doctors who had patch my back together wrote off the entire bill because they knew that I could bearly keep food on the table for my children and myself.  My church family made sure that my children had a little something for Christmas that year.  Every time I think of the struggles we had that year, I still feel like we were extremely blessed to have such a caring community.  

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