This was many years ago, but I will never forget it.  My sister and I were driving back to Denver from New Orleans in an older car and it was around 11:30 on a Sunday night.  The radiator overheated and we were on a small two lane highway and had not seen any towns or anything in a long time and it was pitch black outside.  We were sitting on the side of the road not knowing what to do (this was before cell phones) when a car pulled up behind us and stopped.  My sister was scared it was some bad guy, but my intuition told me differently.


Long story short, it was the minister and his family from a town nearby.  Keep in mind this was late Sunday night, but he drove us to that town, woke up the mechanic in the town, had our car towed to his shop and the mechanic worked on it for at least an hour and a half and got it fixed.  When he was done with fixing the car he nor the minister would let us pay them anything!!  The minister just said bless you and we are happy you are ok.  I could not believe it!  It made me cry.  My heart was so renewed with hope and love for my fellow man!

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