Angels among us- Thank Heavens for them!


Woman Happy I will never forget back when I was about 17 in 1967, I had left home to find understanding as there was none at home then, and I was going back to San Francisco coming from Michigan.  my boyfriend Andy Bushman was to pick me up at the airport.  I waited and waited for him (as back then unlike today most of us did not have phones),  and he never showed. All I could do was sit there and cry.  I barely knew anyone in San Francisco then and had not enough money to get to my boyfriends and my apartment from the airport.   As I sat there and tried to fiqure out what happened to him,  a couple came over to me and asked me what was wrong.  Who were they to care even about me?.   Well, they must have been watching me or something and when i was in my youth i was very open and honest and told them.   I had no fear mostly, thinking they were concerned about me and my dilemma,   They asked me if i needed a meal, and a place to lay down for a bit and relax.  Being a Scorpio, I had reserved in my mind that if they were brave enough to offer kindness to me a stranger i would do go with them and see if they meant what they said.    This couple had a car and took me to their place. Showing me how to clean the rice Tibetian style for dinner,  a technique I still use today, and prepare the veggies we were going to eat.  

They were Buddhist, and we sat and they were so calming and patient with me I even learned a meditation prayer from them to calm me down to use whenever I got upset.   I noticed the Mantra prayer on the wall and i knew that they were only there to be helpful to me-a stranger in need. After my nap and some soothing music, they took me to my boyfriends apartment, and i never saw them again.  Come to find out this was preparation for what i was about to find out.          After knocking on our apartment door, with no answer i hunted down a mutual friend of ours in The Haight yes it was The year of peace and love. Pete was his name he told me Andy had died of a first time Heroin overdose, he never liked needles and neither did I.  I just sat down on the ground and shed a tear, not getting upset to much, as the two Angels who prepared me beforehand got me ready for this announcement.    I knew then these strangers were there to get me ready for this...and I thank them still now for their kindness and love.      I have had more of these kind of happenings in my life as i look back..that was one of them. I still try to trust and risk that good intentions are more bountiful than people who want to harm others. Heart

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