And the conversation went something like this:


The setting:

State College, PA. Early morning, 7:00 AM, September 12, 2015, because the Penn State vs Buffalo game was slated to start at noon. A sea of blue and white tents covered the acres of pastures surrounding Beaver Stadium. The tailgate was under way. Menu board posted listing the day’s entrees. The griddle was fired up and going strong. The hungry faithful assembled in true blue and white fashion. Alex steps up to the grill.


Grill Master/Penn State Alum: What can I get for you Alex?

Alex: I will take a breakfast sandwich and sausage

Grill Master/Penn State Alum: Is that all you want?

Alex: Yep that will do it.

Grill Master/Penn State Alum: I thought you wanted a kidney?

Alex: Yes I need a kidney.

Grill Master/Penn State Alum: Well, Alex, it is coming right up from me. I got the final approval right here from UPMC Transplant that I am a match for you and I am giving you my kidney. When do you want it?


Alex’s donor saw the social media post and newsletter in the Penn State, Ivy Link, June 2015 publication and knew he wanted to help. He underwent all testing and approvals quietly and privately. He even lost 30 pounds to meet the transplant team requirements. When all was done and approved, this is how Alex found out he had found his living kidney donor. There wasn’t a phone call from a coordinator. It was a complete surprise, a true “gift of life”. Penn Stater’s are family—extended family—and family take care of their own.


Surgery has been schedule for November 9, 2019 when my son, George “Alex” Reed will be given his new kidney from a Penn State University Alum. This man is non-related and wanted to step up and help save the life of my son. Absolutely Amazing—We are and will be forever thankful.


We Are Penn State

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