While traveling in Michigan in the early 90's, we were on an icy road heading back into Cadillac MI with our children asleep in the van.  We hit a patch of ice, began to spin, and eventually rolled over 2 and 1/2 times!  We ended up off of the road in darkness with about 3 feet of snow, and I had to climb out of the van via my window.  As I walked around to the back of the van to try and get the back hatch door open and get to the kids, I was greeted by a lady holding a blanket.  "The little ones will need to be warm" she said.  After I got the door open, I turned around to thank her and she was gone.  No tracks in the snow from the road, but other cars began to pull over to assist. My wife and I still to this day have the blanket packed in an airtight bag.

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