Most of the time one would expect no return for goods and services, even money, invested in an unknown, especially an unknown person. On the Streets of our town are some not very nice and some downright evil and rotten to the core. My son arrived one day a few months back with an "old friend." This was okay for the person had helped my son when he was kind of down and off the straight and narrow. Many had taken advantage of the good heart of my son and were speedily relegated to the not knowning any longer list my son has kept. Suffice it to say this young man was of a few good men my son has kept in his life. Sometimes on the peripheral but in his life still as this person was here and now. The friend had just came from a stint on the streets after losing both job and girlfriend now he was living next door with my son. Fear of my son and husband being taken advantage of by new person showing up, Myself became determined to find the good of it, if any. Before long the young person had a job (as my son has for years-to pay his own way.) My son is epileptic with grand mall seizures and is very hard for him to keep a friend once a friend is made a friend. The ladies love my son but he does not want to pass along his episodes (mostly controlled by medicine) to any child. His words not mine. The new young person in our lives start paying his portion of rent to us and my son is okay with the friend rooming with him in his house next door. Keeping watch (as my husband is prone to do) on these two soon brought evidence to us of the kind of characters of these two peoples. Both quiet and reserved, nice one would say. The now roomie arrived at my doorstep with gifts given to him by his employer and are now mine to enjoy, no strings-no hidden agenda. Not once but twice this happened. Also, the employer is giving the roomie a turkey for Thansgiiving which he is passing along to me and mine. Of course, the roomie and my son will have dinner with us as we have before since being now the mother of two boys. As the young roomie put it, "I have no one to take it to for the Holiday!" My son has brought me many items over the years but his roomie is one of the nicest gifts we have received ever. Remember when we all see these people on the streets, not all of them have been given an opportunity and with just a small help up, in a lot of cases, the citizen is returning from a slip up and fall without help to catch him before the depth of that fall is felt. My son has been in some awkward situations and has had family to bolster and keep him standing, although precariously at times. By the way, we could be closer than we think to the streets if not for the Grace of God and random acts of kindness. Oh, did we mention my husband has insulin dependent diabetes and a cancer he is fighting wholeheartedly while building an extra income place so my son and myself would not have to lose our home if my wonderful husband met his demise too early. He commits random acts of kindness and receives many from others in return. Like that movie he says he is "paying it forward."     

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