My dad was very sick with pulmonary fibrosis and had a hip fracture that went undiagnosed for months. We brought him home from rehab in a wheel chair and 24 hour assisted care. Soon hospice was involved. The steps outside my parents house made it almost impossible to bring dad outside without extra assistance. One day we heard someone outside and found Glen, a neighbor that we grew up with as kids.  He was building a ramp so that we could take dad outside in his wheelchair!  He visited with dad briefly that day. That afternoon I was able to take him for a very short walk.  He was very quiet and looked at peace. Dad loved the outdoors. He passed away that evening....but we were so thankful that he was able to come home and to go outside...even for those brief minutes. Our friend removed the ramp as quietly and quickly as he built it. I thank him for giving my dad the opportunity for those peaceful moments. 


I was greatly touched by the act of kindness but especially the fact that Glen removed the ramp as quickly and quietly as he did. Restores and reaffirms one faith in others, yes?


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