I had to take my granddaughter for a blood test and I told her if she was good I would take her to IHOP for breakfast after the blood work since she had to fast before the test. Little did I know that I would have all three grandchildren that day because schools were closed.


But a promise is a promise, so after the visit to the lab, I took all 3 kids to IHOP for breakfast. It was the week before my SS check was due so money was tight but I couldn't go back on my word. 


We had a great breakfast and the kids wanted to taste crepes so we even ordered an extra side order for them to share since they had never had them.


When I asked for my check, I was told that it was already paid! The waitress could not tell me by whom, I wish she could have so I could have thanked whoever did this for me. I felt very blessed!

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