Living on a modest income affords one few extras, but occassionally, I enjoy stopping at a specialty tea restaurant and purchasing a gallon of my favorite blueberry green iced tea. On this particular day, I was feeling a bit irritable - the traffic was heavy, I was tired and hungry and just wanted to go home. I pulled in to the tea restaurant's drive through, and ordered my tea. It seemed to be taking a bit longer than usual. And being in the surly mood I was in, I figured it was the fault of the indecisive person in line in front of me in the old, rather beat-up car. I finally pulled up to the window, and attempted to pay the young man working the drive through. He smiled broadly and said, "The people in the car ahead of you paid for your order, out of the kindness of their hearts." I stared at the young man, not understanding. He repeated himself and it finally sunk in. I was both ashamed of my less-than-kind thoughts earlier, and overwhelmed with the difference an unwarranted act of kindness made in my day. It was an act I plan to pass on to another sometime!

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