I am disabled and only get SSI so money is always very tight. I live in a mobile home which would probably be condemned if the authorities ever found out. I found a program that would give me $5,000 for repairs. But in the midst of applying I found out about another program that would help me actually buy a real home so I stopped the proccess of getting the $5,000 because I didn't feel it was right to fix up my place if I was going to sell it. The money should go to someone who needed it for the roof over their head. Well... I found an amazing realtor (she and her husband are in their 90's and still working!) and she spent a year showing me houses and writing up  offers but no one wanted to deal with the 90 day escrow and other red tape from the program. Bottom line... both programs where dropped so I ended up with no house and no trailer repairs. I found a leak under my kitchen floor and had black mold under my linoleum. I found a guy to fix it and he knocked out my entire kitchen floor, took my money, and never came back. I had no way of coming up with more money. I went 2 months without running water until this amazing realtor, who spent a year on me without making a penny, sent someone to replumb my whole trailer. Without a kitchen floor I had to walk across nothing but beams and air (3 feet above the dirt below, with the winter wind blowing right in) for 4 months when she sent another guy to put in a floor for me. Seriously who does that??? I can't imagine the costs she incurred driving me all over town for a year and then she turns around and does this!?! She is the most amazing person and now a dear friend. Her name is Lois Carrol and she is an angel!

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