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trump say's There is No Systematic Racism in Policing

Trump says he doesn’t believe there’s a problem with systemic racism in policing as he wraps up tour in Kenosha


Trump says he doesn’t believe there’s a problem with systemic racism in policing as he wraps up tour... 


Head in the sand moron?  What's this?


DETROIT, MI -- When the racist text messages were brought up in court Thursday, Inkster Auxillary Police John Zieleniewski became visibly uncomfortable.


"At least give me the satisfaction of knowing you were out there beating up n*****s right now," said a text sent to Zieleniewski earlier this year. It was read aloud in court.


"LOL," Zieleniewski said in his text response. "Just got done with one."


Zieleniewski works as an unpaid volunteer policeman for the Inkster Police Department. He was the partner of since-fired Inkster Police Officer William Melendez, a 47-year-old charged with assaulting black motorist Floyd Dent, 58, of Detroit, on Jan. 28.


The text message -- as well as six pages of others Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Donaldson submitted to the court -- did not involve Melendez and were written months after the Dent incident.


Racist texts read at trial of Inkster police officer accused of beating black motorist 


"Yeah, there's no systematic racism in the police forces"  Wink; wink!  It's how some earn the appropriate designation of "PIG"!

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
Honored Social Butterfly

Clueless. But thats what we have come to get used to.
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