Honored Social Butterfly

tRunp claims Gold, Delivers Poo

tRump did NOT give workers an extended unemployment benefit of $400 per week for the rest of the year.

The Toad DID require States to set up a hellishly complex payment system that will take months to set up and requires States to contribute $100/week they do not have AND THE FEDERAL MONEY GOES AWAY 30 SEPTEMBER.


tRump did NOT extend eviction protection for workers behind on their rent.

tRump DID suggest Federal agencies look into doing something


tRump did NOT cancel employee payments to Social Security and Medicare

tRump DID DELAY those payments for 3 months at which time the delayed payments would have to be taken from employee paychecks. Employers will have to figure out how to do this, which means a costly modification to all automated payroll systems.


tRump DID promise to destroy Social Security and Medicare IF HE'S RE-ELECTED! He promised to END the contributions to Social Security and Medicare, reducing benefits to current recipients to 79% of their current SS benefits and eliminate much of the funds for Medicare payments WITHOUT changing the terms of private insurance coverage so the Seniors will become responsible for making up the "missing" (stolen) Medicare contribution to the care providers.


Anyone who believes tRump is going to do what he SAID he was doing probably also thinks Mexico (and not Military Families) will pay for his wall and China (not US citizens) is paying for his tariffs.


The REASON the Republicans will not agree to ANY action is they DEMAND the legislation include protection from EMPLOYERS being sued for forcing workers to continue working in UNSAFE conditions without proper protective gear and without any consideration of Social Distancing or medical screening to identify and send home workers with Covid symptoms.

Under the REPUBLICAN demanded condition, workers can only sue their employer if they can prove in court the employer INTENTIONALLY TRIED TO INFECT THE WORKERS WITH COVID! Merely(sic) refusing to provide or require PPE,do medical screening or separation between unprotected workers/supervisors WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE TO THE REPUBLICANS.





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