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tRumpToad Attacks USPS - GOPers will stop mail in voting by stopping the mail.

Republicans have been working to eliminate the United States Postal Service for DECADES! Their absurd law requiring $5Billion a year to go into a retirement fund is just how they'll justify abolishing the entire operation - :"See", they'll say. "it won't harm the employees - WE have provided for their retirement!" They used the "unfunded retirement" number to justify this scam, BUT every time you see an "unfunded" something being attacked by the GOP, KNOW it's only UNFUNDED if the input revenue stops. If the Business continues, new workers pay the "unfunded" part forever.


But now their need to destroy one of Ben Franklin's best ideas has gotten totally POLITICAL. Republicans know the more people vote, the fewer Republicans get elected - its why they've spent the last 50 years gerrymandering the States and suppressing the vote with mindless suppression of the vote.


Covid19 is the most verifiable reason to NOT show up at the polls to vote in our history, and the way to end the spread of the virus is to avoid such "crowd-gatherings" by giving everyone the option to vote BY MAIL. No data exists to justify the GOPerLords rants about how it invites fraud, nor is there an ounce of evidence that voter fraud exists in any meaningful way in the USA.


BUT if the GOPers kill the Post Office, there's no way for mail in voting! THAT is tRumpToad's end game, and IT MUST BE STOPPED! It should begin by the DEMOCRATIC House repealing the nonsensical $5 Billion payment that does nothing but prevent the USPS from being cost effective.



Honored Social Butterfly

@Olderscout66   Will now someone is going to believe me when I say that he has found the way to rigged the next elections and try to stay in power?
His back is against the wall, He knows that if he doesn't get elected, he is facing years of legal entanglements, and perhaps the demise of his own business. and perhaps even jail.
His legacy has been forever forged in the annals of American History as the worse and most dangerous to a Democracy of a President that this country has seen. 
He will do anything and everything that he can get away with, in order to remain in power.. HE WILL NOT GO GENTLY INTO THE NIGHT.
It is very important that we all have a very clear notion what is about to happen in this country.

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