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tRump seizing and HIDING State's Meidcal supplies

In the most disgusting misuse of power in American History, the Toad has ordered FEMA to SEIZE medical supplies purchased by at least SEVEN STATES, and refuse to tell anyone why or what is being done with the stolen equipment and supplies.


What this means is tRump is going to MURDER by omission thousands of Americans so he can reward sycophants and political contributors without anyone being able to see what he's doing.


If some GOPerFop thinks MURDER is too harsh a word, what would you call it if someone STOLE your child's kidney dialysis machine or cancer medication so they could give it to someone else they liked better AND YOUR KID DIES?  Now the thief (tRump) would be MILES away when the child takes his/her last gasp of breath, so Republicans will say tRump had nothing to do with the death, and continue to vote for and support tRump and his enablers in congress.


It's not dialysis machines or cancer meds that Toad is stealing and hiding, but the people who it was bought and intended for will be just as dead because they don't have it.


Every elected Republican, save Romney, needs to lose their jobs next November, and those directly involved with the murder scheme need to spend the rest of their worthless lives IN JAIL.


Honored Social Butterfly

The Department of Health and Human Services rewrote its definition of the federal health-equipment stockpile so it didn't contradict Jared Kushner


"And the notion of the federal stockpile was it's supposed to be our stockpile —

it's not supposed to be state stockpiles that they then use."


.... Kushner's description of the function of the stockpile was starkly contradicted by the department's website, which said


it "is the nation's largest supply of life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for use in a public health emergency severe enough to cause local supplies to run out."


....the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response began working on updating the website text a week ago.... Both pages were most recently updated on Friday, according to footnotes.


.... Kushner is leading a "shadow" White House coronavirus team, charged with ensuring that medical supplies are delivered to hospitals and testing is rolled out across the country.


This HotMarket all belongs to donny and he's put Jared in charge of it.  Hoarding, shipping, receiving - All self-serving deals for dt's future's well-being.


Rolling out testing across the nation WILL happen, biglee.  That data will determine 'the economy'.  Ducks in a row, that's the plan.  Virus hot spots identified - those persons quarantined so others can go about their business, thank you very much!  What's his plan for the 29 million pills he's scored so far? Tip of iceburg.  dt's racketeering of US medical stockpiles, should by rights put many people in prison.


Honored Social Butterfly

We now have incontrovertible proof "social distancing" is the ONLY effective defense against the spread of the Covid19 virus.


Wearing facemasks WHEN YOU FEEL SICK is next to useless because you can have the virus for TWO WEEKS before showing symptoms, and some people who have tested positive NEVER experience the chronic symptoms but DO pass on the virus.


But despite all this PROOF, the Toad and EIGHT GOPerGovs refuse to issue orders for people to JUST STAY HOME. In the absence of such a command, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming continue to allow their residents relatively free movement. The Toads Fundamentalist base is still holding church services, proclaiming the "blood of Jesus" will do the job the brain God gave us is meant to do.


Is the Toad hoarding supplies to drop in to those States to "save" his fanatical Fundie base when the virus cranks up in those wide open spaces?  Possibly, but I think its much more likely Toad is secretly shifting the supplies to Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who thinks about it for more than a couple seconds. In fact, he's already shoveled 200% of the GOPerGov DeSantes request into Florida and Wisconsin has received its SECOND shipment from the stockpile on 31 March.


Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch sits on his thumbs while Kentucky had FEMA outbid it for PPE,  leaving the medical professionals in Kentucky exposed to the virus even as their DEMOCRATIC Governor's "social distancing" measures had begun to flatten the curve of new infections. If anybody still votes for Yertle McConnell, its proof they watch nothing but Fox and listen only to H8Radio.

Honored Social Butterfly


You have spoken the truth! The Republicans have now gone beyond mere voter suppression. They are now looking to win re-election by way of voter death. 

It is as clear as the nose on my face. Trump and his merry band of political hitmen can now claim murder as the new..."winning!"

Honored Social Butterfly

Honored Social Butterfly

Way true Scout. All in an attempt to coverup, profit from, and proclaim himself the great provider. He did not prepare or provide needed materials for this virus...all the while being advised that it was coming to America, then ignoring it and proclaiming happy statements of his control of the virus. 

Just for the record, have We ever gotten a real accounting of what we had in the National stockpile for this type of event. Have only heard of out of date items, and lack of maintenance on machines, just wondering what the numbers were. Then again, that would just expose more of trump's coverup. 

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