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tRump's Taxscam EXPOSED!

While it's fascinating to see donny was such a ferschise businessman he only made enough the have to pay $750 in Federal taxes, and paid NOTHING in 10 of the past 15 years, lots of his lofos THINK he gave them a tax cut.


While it may be true for some (less than 2 dependents), for everyone else, not so much. Consider a "typical" family of 4 - mom dad and 2 kids with average income in 2016 and 2019.


In 2016, their income would be $61,000 and their AGI would be $32,200 after the standard deduction of $12.600 and 4 personal deductions of $4,050 each. Tax owed $3,902.50 or 6.4% of gross income.


In 2019 after the ToadScam, gross income was $63,000, AGI $38,600 with the hi8gher Std deduction of $24,400. Tax owed $6,358 or 10.1% of gross income - an increase in their effective tax rate of 57.75%!


Those who THINK they got a tax cut from Toad were deceived because he arranged for a LOWER WITHHOLDING RATE, so the paychecks were slightly larger on the bottom line, but the REFUNDS were MUCH smaller to make up for the actual increase.


Those families of 4 with AGI of $1,000,000 each year actually saw a 13% REDUCTION in their effective rates - those are probably who Toad considers "average".

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Until such a time that  Trump releases his tax return, the information presented by the New York Times about his tax returns must be be considered fact. 


In the debate, Trump repeated his line that he cannot release his tax returns because they are being audited by the IRS.  FALSE!.  An audit does not preclude one from sharing their tax returns.  This was his choice!  For obvious reasons, this certainly conveys the image that he has something to hide.



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Two reasons ToadPOTUS will never release his tax returns


1. He is a total failure in business, having run thru the BILLION DOLLARS he and his daddy hid from the IRS and, when exposed, will become part of back taxes OWED - NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR COLLECTING TAXES, EVEN IF YOU CAN'T GO TO JAIL FOR YOUR FRAUD


2. The returns will reveal the Russian Mob, Oligarchs and Government loans he owes and they're all in the name PUTIN.





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Trump's tax cuts were colossal hand outs for the nation's most wealthy.


To all other Americans, they were a paltry cut with actual tax increases for many Americans.


The tax cuts for the wealthy do not expire while the paltry tax cuts for all other Americans are set to expire ..... expedited by Trump's change to the tax tables using the Chained CPI to adjust for inflation.


I.E. :  Trump's tax cuts are indeed a scam!!!!



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