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tRump Kills the Environment

The Toad tRump has gutted Federal regulations limiting the amount of Mercury coal fired power plants can release into our air and water.


Ingested mercury causes bloody diarrhea. Absorbed mercury can spread to other organ systems resulting in mental changes including mood swings and memory loss or renal damage. Long-term exposure to mercury causes effects primarily on the nervous system. Symptoms of long-term high level methylmercury exposure include disturbances in vision, hearing and speech, as well as tingling and numbness in fingers and toes, lack of coordination and muscle weakness.


But Toad is happy to increase the number of Americans who sicken and die so long as the Corporate Oligarchs owning the power plants make higher profits. Not only do they no longer have the expense of removing the murcury from their waste, but they can use cheaper coal with more mercury. The mercury released by burning coal is converted into a far more toxic form when it enters the food chain. Mercury is released into the air from a coal-fired power plant, and falls to the ground with snow and rain. From there, it drains into watersheds, rivers, and lakes and settles into sediment.


So eat, drink and be merry little tadpoles. Your ToadKing has found another way to sacrifice you to HIS God of Profit.



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