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tRump Attacks USPS to Suppress Vote

tRump's poodle in charge of the USPS announced he was eliminating all overtime pay for the Postal Service to (maybe) save as much as $200Million.


Postal Poodle DeJay's edict said any mail not delivered during the normal shift was to be returned to the post office for delivery the next day. Obviously the intent is for the mail to NEVER get delivered as the backlog of previously undelivered will grow each day.


What this means is voters in the 28 States that require your ballot to arrive at the election center BEFORE the close of operations on election day have scant chance their ballot will be counted BECAUSE the backlog will have been growing for 100+  days.


The suppression of the mail in ballots will be especially intense in big cities that historically vote Democratic by wide margins. Swing States so affected are Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia.


Meanwhile, Republicans insist the USPS make a $5BILLION contribution to their pension fund which is only necessary IF the USPS ceases operations and there's no workers to contribute to the retirees pay. The REAL reason Regressives demand this absurd expense is THEY INTEND TO CLOSE THE USPS AND DON'T WANT ANY BLOW-BACK ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE RETIREES!


THIS is how Republicans deal with the Pandemic their inaction is allowing to kill more Americans than Hitler's Wehrmacht killed in WWII. They turn it to their political advantage by suppressing the vote from people who do not wish to die from voting.


Vote as if it's your LAST CHANCE to make a difference - because it is.

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