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replies to posts/threads coming back as spam in spite of.....

I am using yahoo for my mail and chrome by the way, but for some reason now, any replies to threads/posts keep coming back as spam, this is in spite of constantly labeling them as NOT SPAM under yahoo......anyone else having this problem? I suspect it may have something to do with some type of security changes either by yahoo or chrome or both.....I have tried a number of attempts at correcting this but to no avail, Our moderator suggested reaching out as they have had the same problem too.

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I have same problem.


I think it started when AARP updated Forum reply screen.






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I am having the same problem to. I get a warning notice that they can not confirm the E mail is from an AARP Source.

Here is a question the people ruining the form should answer.

Are you part of AARP or an outside contractor?

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I've had the same spam issues too.  I believe it is an issue the AARP's IT folks should address because whatever happened with the forum(s) and messaging obviously was caused by something AARP did as it is effecting all of us.  And since there have been so many complaints here in the forums, I wonder why AARP has never once (to my knowledge) addressed the issue?

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the moderator said he would look into it on their end.
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@Tom5678 wrote:
the moderator said he would look into it on their end.

Still have same problem!




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Same here too. Most of the responses from AARP are going to my junk file in yahoo. 
And we have plenty of security systems for them to run thru. Not sure it’s on our end. There seems to be a recognition issue. 
How long has it been happening, I think for about the last 2-3 months? But also some info from campaigns and organizations getting kicked into junk also. 

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Ditto to all the aforementioned.  I posted about the issue in Technology > About Our Community.

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here is the latest twist. The replies to threads/post are no longer in spam folders. I don't know where they are! I do get e mails from on yahoo just fine, but replies to posts/threads have vanished into thin air!
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It's happening for me, too.  I don't have yahoo though. But I like their going to junk mail.  I can just switch over to see the aarp messages.  But they don't clog up my in box. 

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I have the same issue, different service. Replies all go to the junk folder. My service labels them as unable to confirm the sender as  I do receive the AARP newsletters in my regular email. It has something to do with the way that the reply messages are going out from AARP as not being identifiable so they get caught with the spam filter as I read it.



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Me too....but not Yahoo... it's not trouble for me though.  

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what's odd is that I get aarp e mails not related to threads/posts.
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