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Re: "The Gays" EPIC answers to Trump

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Twitter is the place to go and get a real chuckle as to the responses.   #askthegays:

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"The Gays" EPIC answers to Trump

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Donald Trump tells people to 'ask the gays' about how great he is. 'The gays' respond—and it is EPIC


Even though Republicans/Conservatives/Fundamentalists/Evangelicals "think" otherwise, a majority of straight American Citizens share - agree with - and appreciate - what "The Gays" have posted in response to Trumps suggestion that we should "ask the gays".


I suspect that if asked, Lily Allen would be willing to add a second dedication of her internationally famous song - originally for GWBush - to the obnoxious yam as well...

Have pity for Melania - she hasn't yet got rid of that ugly fat.
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