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lifetime travel bans

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U.S. reportedly issuing lifetime travel bans for anyone even remotely connected to Canada's legal cannabis industry


Canada's cannabis industry is quickly going corporate, but U.S. border agents are reportedly issuing travel bans to anyone involved, regardless of whether they're wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt, a lab coat, or a suit


Imagine it's six months from now and you've developed a brilliant blend of fertilized soil that's proven especially beneficial to the growth of cannabis plants.


It's January 2019 and cannabis is fully legal in Canada. You've obtained every permit required to develop, market, and sell your invention. Everything is above board.


You know that marijuana remains very much illegal in the United States. It's a Schedule I drug, in fact, which classifies it alongside heroin and cocaine with a determination it has "no medical value" and therefore no legal application of any sort.


But you don't consume cannabis yourself. And neither you nor any of your company's employees actually touch a cannabis plant when conducting your daily business. You're not a pothead. You're an edaphologist. A scientist. You simply sell soil to companies who employ people who happen to grow marijuana.


So why would you worry you ever might have a problem at Canada's border with the United States?

Because U.S. authorities could consider that nutritious blend of dirt that you developed close enough to the cannabis industry that they ban you from travelling to the United States for the rest of your life.


That's the scenario described in a frightening report out this week (July 5) in Star Metro Vancouver.



Sounds like I fell asleep and woke up in Russia behind the iron curtain.


Oh wait ...........


This is America now.


Where we kidnap babies, put infants in dockets, put children in GITMO, and put lifetime travel bans on people who have not committed any crime in their country or America.


From sea to shining sea.



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