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Will Trump follow Putin's lead in power grab?

Strange events in Russia the past few days. A number of ministers of the government were "resigned" by Putin. They had no advance knowledge of their resignation.


The president of Russia is limited in the number of terms that may be served. Putin has already "swapped" with his protege once, exchanging their roles and prime minister and president. Putin's terms seem to be coming to a constitutional-mandated end in the next 3 years.


So this mass "resignation" of the government seems to be Putin's first step in a whole power grab.


I admit to not fully understanding the details of this action. Details are hard to follow and the US press doesn't seem to be following too closely (I know that both the NY Times and Wash Post had initial articles on this).


I wonder if Trump actually will attempt a power grab like this come election time this November. And, if so, if the Republicans in the Senate and House will take this. I don't know, they may love it, based on previous behavior.


Here's an article from the BBC from Jan 15 to get you going in your research:



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Apparently Trump takes his marching orders from Russian President Putin because Russian backed the loans that Donald Trump had received from the Deusche Bank, and selling our the United States was part of the deal!  This is obvious when looking at many of the Trump administration's foreign policy failures!

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