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Re: Why were the United Nations "formed? Purpose?

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con - you must have struck a nerve when the first response was a totally gratuitous insult unrelated to the issue and the second one got into our education system and our infrastructure and our "getting the ball rolling", forgetting that this stuff long predates the Iraq war which was approved on a bi-partisan basis. One can only assume that since the Administration has not yet spoken on the issue, the "followers" aren't sure which way to jump.


Yes, the UN was created to deal with the atrocities we are seeing around the world. But, sadly, it has become a debating club quite lacking in action. This is nothing new. There are been starvation and "ethnic cleansing" in Africa for a long time with the UN doing little more than observing and reporting.


Now, it is expanding to Europe. That gives it more attention. Only time will tell if it creates more action.

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Re: Why were the United Nations "formed? Purpose?

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I am trying to understand the point you want to make. Yes, the United States started all this rolling when we invaded Iraq.  I give you that one.  Still, we have children underfed and families going to food banks weekly in this country. Our infrastructure is crumbling and our educational system is testing itself into oblivion.  


Should we not get our own house in order before we get involved in, yet another, middle east issue of which we know little?  Let's reroute the foreign aid to Egypt and Israel to these refugees and call it a day. 

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Re: Why were the United Nations "formed? Purpose?

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Ditched school when that was covered, and have been listening to RWNJs, huh?


trump supporters - this century's Quislings
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Why were the United Nations "formed? Purpose?

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It reminds me of Rwanda, do you remember? Reading Aljazeera English ( Not Aljazeera America) First I read that Italy, Greece and Spain are begging for help for they are overwhelmed by the influx of people attempting to escape from the violence. I also recall the United Nations (united?) said they would never let the tragedy of WWII repeat?? No genocide, no mass killings?  We all act like this is far away so what?  Are these people "lesser" people?  Where is Captain America?

Where are all of the Holliwood , Actors, Musicians etc. Who sang: We are the world, we are the people!

 Like a friend of mine said "you Americans will only intervene if you have something to gain". To gain!?. I felt insulted, we have  a country with a big heart,  we help a lot of countries. 

The Syrian woman in a refugee camp, "complained they don't care about us".


 I have no words for the emotion I felt when I read the following, they can't even escape.


Migrants thrown overboard, Italy police say
Suspects arrested in port of Palermo amid flood of people trying to reach Europe from Africa and Middle East in boats.
17 Apr 2015 06:10 GMT | EuropeAfrican migrants.jpg

dozen African migrants have died after being thrown overboard by fellow passengers, Italian police say, and another 41 boat migrants are feared to have drowned in a separate incident.

Police in the Sicilian port of Palermo said on Thursday they had arrested 15 migrants suspected of attacking other passengers after a religious row on a boat headed for Italy, which is struggling to cope with a huge surge in illegal migrants arriving on its shores.

The 15 men were accused of "multiple aggravated murder motivated by religious hatred," police said in a statement.

The police said those arrested were Muslims while those thrown overboard were Christians.

The 12 victims were all Nigerians and Ghanaians while the 15 suspects came from Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast.

Distraught survivors, who set off from Libya on Tuesday before being rescued by an Italian vessel on Wednesday, told a "dreadful" story of "forcefully resisting attempts to drown them, forming a veritable human chain in some cases", police said.

Separate incident

In another incident, 41 migrants were missing, feared drowned after their dinghy sank en route to Italy, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said, just days after 400 migrants were believed to have died in another shipwreck off the coast of Libya.

The four survivors of Thursday's shipwreck, who came from Nigeria, Ghana and Niger, said their boat sank after setting sail from Libya with 45 people on board.


Their vessel was spotted by a plane which alerted the Italian coastguard, but by the time a navy ship arrived to help them, only four passengers were found alive.

The latest deaths bring the number of migrants killed while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea this year up to 900, the IOM said, up from 96 between January and April last year.

IOM said about 10,000 people had been rescued off Italy since Friday alone, with recent good weather prompting a rise in the number of migrants attempting the risky crossing, many of them fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East.

The flood of people trying to reach Italy in recent days has been "extraordinary", IOM's Giovanni Abbate said in the Sicilian port of Augusta, where more new arrivals were disembarking.

Al Jazeera's Paul Brennan, reporting from Augusta, said volunteers were called in to assist doctors because of the enormous influx of people.

"What they have seen hauled from the water in recent weeks is harrowing," he said.

He quoted a doctor as saying: "We see people who have swallowed water and gasoline. It's awful."

Italy pleaded for more help on Thursday from other European Union countries to rescue the migrants and share the burden of accommodating them.

Flood of people.jpg


The flood of people trying to reach Italy in recent days has been "extraordinary", according to the IOM [The Associated Press





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