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Re: Why not Moscow 2020?

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Hey  gruffstuff,

Great post and idea.  Thank you for sharing.. Nancy 

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Re: Why not Moscow 2020?

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Well for once if held in Moscow he could really tell the TRUTH and say he had the biggest turn out of a crowd
E V E R .
Live For Today, No One is Guaranteed a TOMORROW !
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Why not Moscow 2020?

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Hey, RNC. Forget holding the convention in Charlotte. Why not Moscow 2020?



Good Friday Austin:

The Republican National Committee, meeting in Austin this morning, is expected to choose Charlotte, N.C., as the place where the party will renominate Donald Trump for president.


 Republican National Committee quietly convened in Austin on July 18 to begin planning for the 2020 Republican National Convention. Members of the RNC are hosting closed-door sessions inside the Fairmont Austin to decide details about the event, including the host city for the next convention — the site of Donald Trump’s likely renomination for president.


It’s unclear why Republicans chose Austin in the middle of summer to host their meeting, and a rep for the Fairmont said they “are not able to comment on or confirm whether a particular individual or group is a guest within our hotel.”


Host cities for 2020 have been narrowed down to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Las Vegas, though it’s been a contentious battle. On July 16, the Charlotte City Council faced protestors and heard from more than 100 citizens speaking out against the event, mostly in regards to safety concerns. The Charlotte City Council narrowly approved the measure 6-5, with four Democrats joining two Republicans in the decision.




Come on. That’s an old-school, hopelessly conventional, Deep State choice.


Las Vegas would be better, but still.


The big, bold, Trumpian choice should be obvious by now.


The Republican Party should hold its 2020 convention in Moscow.


Just look at the numbers.

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