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Re: Why Our Kids Get Confused

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They should have held a similar service for the zero israelis killed that day. 

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Why Our Kids Get Confused

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Parents outraged at school’s silent tribute for Gaza victims


This moment of silence caused a lot of noise.


Students at the elite Beacon School were asked to pause from their studies last week to pay tribute to the victims of violence in Gaza, where some 60 Palestinians were killed the day before by Israeli soldiers.


"The school-wide announcement Tuesday stunned some students and has outraged parents who question why the school is entering into the divisive Palestinian-Israeli conflict with what they see as an anti-Jewish bent.


“As a Jewish student, I could see a lot of my Jewish friends get very weird when the moment of silence started,” Sophie Steinberg, a junior from Brooklyn, said about Tuesday’s tribute.

“They don’t know how to feel. They don’t know how to fit into all of this.”

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